Every Nite Side Bag

Every Nite.

Sooooo little story about these bags. We really wanted to make side bags for a while and we searched high and low to find the right blank bag to print on. Finally our merch company found some, they were from a somewhat sketchy looking site in china but all seemed legit. Here is the photo of the blank bag they provided on their website... Looks pretty good right?



Bags were ordered and sent to the printers. The printer fired up a sample bag and sent thru a pic of what the bag would look like with our design on it... and much to our shock and disbelief this is what the bag actually looks like...



So these bags are an obvious bootleg from China and the website we bought them from had strategically only provided pictures where they were covering up certain elements of the bag.

We decided that we were going to roll with the situation and add a bit of a disclaimer to these bags. Here is what the final product will look like lol.

Super limited edition. We'll never make these again.

Text disclaimer says:

we ordered these bags from china and our supplier accidentally sent us these bags instead of blank bags. we printed on top of them anyway and now this is an Emo Nite bag